Andrey Rylkov Foundation
for Health and Social Justice

Who is Andrey Rylkov

The name of Andrey Rylkov (Iroquois) is well known to all who were engaged and involved in the problems described above in Russia. Andrey began his work volunteering at a Moscow street-harm reduction project in 2000. As a drug user, he was well aware of the problems faced by the people with whom he worked, was never indifferent to them and never stopped loudly voicing their needs. After several years of work, he became increasingly influential in his union of outreach workers which actively participated in the activist organization Kolodets, which brought together with other activists working on HIV / AIDS in the FrontAIDS movement, whose main purpose was to ensure availability of HIV treatment in Russia. “We will live – it’s our policy” – the motto of FrontAIDS, empowered many of us in the struggle for access to treatment, medication, life and dignity. Andrey died in October 2006, but for us he will always remain a very dear friend, leader and an inspiration for our work. Above all, he remains a symbol of hope that drug policies can be humane and effective, that people should not be punished by sickness and death for drug use, that the medical system can work well to treat rather than maim, that law enforcement agencies can defend and protect, not degrade, beat and rob, and that the people affected by drug problems have sufficient forces and capabilities to protect themselves and their loved ones. This is what we are working to achieve.

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