Andrey Rylkov Foundation
for Health and Social Justice

How you may help us

How to become a volunteer? The main purpose of the Fund is to promote the formation of a drug policy based on humanity, tolerance, protection of health, dignity and human rights. The Andrei Rylkov Foundation works to achieve this goal. The problems and difficulties are so large and varied that the volunteers should decide for themselves on what they personally want to address. So look around at what most concerns you, your friends and community, and join in with it! Maybe you need to voice the problems of people living with hepatitis and who don’t have access to treatment? Tell the press about human rights violations firsthand? Voice the problems of refusal or effective care? Do not be afraid to sue for discriminatory treatment by you or your loved ones or clients? Maybe you can help to make repairs at the hospital, to gather information about rehabilitation centers and support groups or to help the local harm reduction program? To help someone to go for rehabilitation or to get medical help? Or simply buy someone food and give them emotional support?

Contact us and tell us what exactly you want to do and we will try to help. And then, please don’t forget to do something small, but still aimed at solving this problem. And be sure to write us about it. We’ll find a way to thank you for your volunteer work! But the main thing … and, although the most important thing you already know very well! Good luck to you and to us all! Thank you for being there!

How to donate? ARF program activities are funded by grants, but other than that we are providing targeted support to people affected by drug use, their families and friends.

It is difficult to get grants for this, so this activity is supported by private donations. If you want to donate money for the Fund to provide individual assistance, please contact us.