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New report of EHRN on the role played by the police in the street level drug trade

EHRN’s report “Drug Dealers, Drug Lords and Drug Warriors-cum-Traffickers: Drug Crime and the Narcotics Market in Tajikistan” presents research on the role played by the police, petty drug dealers and users in the street level drug trade in Tajikistan. Synthesizing information received from interviews with individual Tajik drug users, as well as lesser-known studies by local researchers, the study brings to light a number of interesting details of the street level drug trade in Tajikistan and discusses their implications for drug policies in the Central Asian region as a whole. This research likewise illustrates the shocking state of corruption in Tajik law enforcement agencies and penitentiary facilities whereby police and prison officers directly facilitate the distribution of drugs. At the heart of this study are the upperworld-underworld nexus and a crucial transformation of the representatives of the state organs of power from “drug warriors” into “drug traffickers.”

You may download the report here: Drug Crime and the Narcotic Market in Tajikistan

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