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Please support the production of the film about our friend Kostya Proletarsky


On 19 June 2009 Kostya Proletarsky, a drug user and HIV activist, died of tuberculosis meningitis at the Botkin Hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia. His death was the result of three years of mistreatment and torture at the prison facility No. 4 in Karelia, Russia. In Russia, where drug treatment is barely available, imprisonment becomes the main “solution” to the problem of drug addiction. But unfortunately, these institutions don’t cure. Instead, prisons kill.

The animated hand drawn documentary, featuring the original audio interview with Kostya and his mother, Irina, aims to commemorate Kostya Proletarsky and many others who have not survived prison systems around the world. The animated movie is produced by the Rights Reporter Foundation, narrated by Anya Sarang, directed by István Gábor Takács, and is hand drawn frame by Lili Rontó.

Please support the production of the film with any amount you feel appropriate!

The total amount of production is 32,000 US Dollars.
This includes hand drawn animation, character design, directing, editing, sound engineering, animation, russian drug policy and human rights counseling, music production and basic distribution costs (website, online promotion, festival nominations).

What do you get for your kind support?

  • If you support the film, you will receive a code to unlock the 7 minute long pilot version of the animation.
  • If you agree, your name will be included in the end credits of the film.
  • As the film is ready, you can watch it on a private link.
  • The film is not for profit, we do not sell it after completion. We will submit the film to film festivals, and after that we make the full film available online.

May you have any question, or if you are a donor and would like to support our film with a bigger amount, please contact István Gábor Takács at!


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