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ARF, chemsex and harm reduction


ARF is widening its activities and starts working with gay-community in case of HIV prophylaxis and harm reduction from chemsex.

Chemsex is a practice of using psychoactive substances for improvement the quality of sex. This practice is quite widespread in gay-community. Chemsex exists as long as contemporary gay-community does, and with forthcoming of new, cheap drugs the practice gains more popularity (Russia here’s not an exclusion). Drugged sex brings more emotions. Stimulators prolong sex, while depressants help to relax.

Though chemsex has its minuses. Firstly, while losing control, people is more likely to take part in dangerous sexual activities that could make harm to physical or mental health. Secondly, drug use threatens with drug addiction and health problems. Stimulants exhaust body, depressants could cause fainting, combination of drugs and Viagra is just unsafe for the one’s life. Thirdly, relaxation often leads to unprotected sex, which cause spreading of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. And finally, a person, who takes pleasure from chemsex, dares to lose his interest to common sex.

Now there is no way to the discussion on| dedicated to chemsex in Russia. Appearance on the market of new, cheap drugs whips Enthusiasm for doing chemsex in Russia as well as in Europe up. As a result, the number of negative consequences is also growing. There is an important difference between situations in Russia and in Europe. No one cares about Russian gay-community. Moreover, being non-straight or being a drug user could be unsafe for your life. All these affairs made Andrey Rylkov Fond start working in this problematic field.

ARF sees our aim in minimizing the number of injuries and drug caused problems and also HIV infection. Within described project we take part in events connected to chemsex theme. We also have a promotion company for safe sex and distribute condoms and HIV-testing sets. In nearest future we’re going to organize round table on chemsex with support of LGBT-activists and organizations working on HIV prophylactics among gay-community. We’re also going to publish some materials on reduction of harm from new substances and to make a research on chemsex practices.


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