Andrey Rylkov Foundation
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Andrey Rylkov Foundation Achievements in 2018


Since 2009, we have been providing harm reduction services to people who use drugs (PUD) in Moscow.

Our harm reduction project in Moscow is the only project that provides PUDs on the streets of Moscow with access to sterile equipment (including needles and syringes), as well as to naloxone.

The majority of our participants are low-income and socially excluded people. They experience stigma and discrimination from society, their rights and human dignity are constantly undermined, which significantly affects their ability to access medical, legal and other services.

In most cases, they need help related to complications and side effects from injections, such as wounds, thrombosis, ulcers, infections. In addition, our harm reduction project is the only way for many of them to be tested for HIV, hepatitis C, and be referred to treatment.

Our activities are aimed at reducing the number of overdoses, to provide support in the context of HIV, hepatitis, and also to solve other problems of people who use drugs related to protection of their rights and health. Also as a part of our work we are trying to provide social and legal support to those of our participants in need. We redirect and help our participants to get the services they need in other organizations, help them to arrange temporary residence in social centers, assist with the restoration of documents, etc. Counseling is an important part of our work.

These are all words, but there are numbers that reflect the work we have done over the past 2018. We have summarized the most important of these numbers and made this beautiful info-graphic.

Инфографика 2018 eng

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