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Russia’s Drug Control Chief: Spice Drugs Used for Color Revolutions

Addressing a meeting of the Heads of Drug Police Divisions of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member countries on Tuesday, Ivanov announced a new finding made by the Russian drug police. According to Ivanov, last year they found that some unidentified individuals had added a new fluorine-containing free radical to the Spice formula. “As a result, this synthetic drug had acquired the properties of a warfare agent, which in turn had led to an epidemic of deaths,” said the FDCS Director. He added that according to available data, such substances were intended, inter alia, to facilitate “color revolutions.”

Ivanov explained that the Spice drug had been modified by adding a “methadone radical” causing it to develop an extremely strong “passionarian effect.” “By getting young people hooked on it, one can cause a very strong passionarian reaction. This is what [Russian poet] Gumilev wrote about. This thing can be used for color revolutions,” said the FDCS chief.

Ivanov added that research centers in the US and UK are currently studying the possibility of using drugs for “color revolutions” and riots.

Previously, the FDCS officials were only quoted as saying that proceeds from trade in illicit drugs, including Spice, are used to finance “color revolutions.” According to Russia’s drug control authority, in Ukraine, “members of sectarian non-governmental organizations allegedly engaged in rehabilitation of drug users had been among the most active participants in the Maydan.” According to the FDCS, they also formed the core of nationalist punitive battalions.

“Methadone therapy was used in the Maydan; it had been widely circulated in Ukraine and a lot of methadone had in fact been legally distributed to drug users. And then these people were used as cannon fodder in the Maydan,” said Ivanov.

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