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UNAIDS Executive Director replied to open letter regarding UNAIDS participation in EECAAC 2014

In April 2014 21 international, regional and national organizations addressed UNAIDS with an open letter regarding its participation in the organization of the Fourth Conference on HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECAAC). You may read this letter here.

And recently we got a response from UNAIDS Executive Director Mr. Sidibe on our letter.

In his response Mr. Sidibe expressed the concern of UNAIDS about ensuring continuety of access to HIV services, including OST, for all patients in Crimea, and mentioned his letter on this issue to the MoH of Russia. He also mentioned about his official communication with President of Russian Federation, encouraging a decision by the  Russian government to lift restrictions on the entry, stay and residence of foreigners living with HIV.  And also Mr. Sidibe informed us that in his opening speach at the conference he plans to reiterate UNAIDS position and highlights their concern on the rights of LGBT people, people who inject drugs, sex workers, the meaningful involvement of key affected populations and civil society, HIV prevention and people living with HIV in need of treatment.

You may download his letter here.

But the funny thing is that according to our partners UNAIDS obviously used the same text to respond to at least 3 letters expressing concerns related to UNAIDS’s engagement and support for the EECAAC i.e. EHRN’s letter signed by 11 other international and regional organisations, ARF’s letter and UNAIDS PCB NGO Delegations’ letter.

So we hope that at least UNAIDS’s work in the region and in Russia particularly will not be the same formal as before.

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