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People talk in support of the Andrey Rylkov Foundation!

In 2013 when we once again experienced another financial crizis our friends from the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union filmed and published on Youtube a number of our friends and drug policy experts from different organizations and countries calling to support our work. Below you may watch all these videos. And although two years have passed since they were filmed our situation didn’t really changed since then. So if after watching any of these videos you will be inspired to support us – you are always welcome to do it here:



Ross Bell, Executive Director, New Zealand Drugs Foundation

Allan Clear, Executive Director, Harm Reduction Coalition, USA

Lisa Maria Sanches Ortega, Latin American Programme Manager at Transform Drug Policy Foundation

Steve Rolles, Senior Policy Analyst, Transform Drug Policy Foundation

Azzi Momen, Open Society Foundations, Access to Medicines Initiative

Clare Hacksel, Manager of Operations and HR at PHS Community Services Society

Gloria Lai, Senior Drug Policy Officer, International Drug Policy Consortium

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