Andrey Rylkov Foundation
for Health and Social Justice

ARF is number one web-site of the Pirate Party in Russia

Andrey Rylkov Foundation’s  web-site is now number one protected by the blacklist RosKomSvoboda, an Internet community protecting freedom of Internet in Russia. The web-site of ARF isn’t banned yet, but the Russian domain is still shut down and the site content had to be moved to international domain,

RosKomSvoboda,  was created by the Pirate Party of Russia to fight against illegitimate censorship by ROSKOMNADZOR of some Russian web-sites. ROSKOMNADZOR is the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications. RosKomSvoboda will give access to illegally blocked web-sites, like ARF.

“Some Russian providers block ARF web-site. The reason is propaganda of harm reduction replacement therapy for drug-users, which is used in most EU countries. Without giving any opinions on this therapy, we think that our web-site should be available for everyone”, ARF explained why RosKomSvoboda now protects the web-site.

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