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A lot was done but help it still needed


About the tragedy happened with Kirill Vorob’ev (aka Bayan Shirianov) – a writer beloved by many, well known by his novels about the life of Moscow drug users – we read in the newspaper. Being diagnosed with brain encephalopathy he was discharged from the hospital in a very difficult condition considered as a life-long sentence. Now he literally has to learn again how to talk and how to walk.

Althoug Kirill has no any relatives in Moscow many people, not only friends and fans but also complete strangers, were ready to help him. That is why our social workers who also visited Kirill in a hospital and proposed their help were mostly involved in dissemination of the information on Kirill’s condition and needs in order to attract more attention to the situation. We created a group on a Facebook to coordinate the activities of people who were ready to help and also initiated a compaign on Global Giving to collect funding for Kirill. Although ARF collected only about 800 USD altogether we managed to fundraise enough money to buy him a walking frame, cover the nurse and pay the bills for a flat. Thank you to all those who donated to support Bayan!

Someone brought a new cell phone to Kirill, someone else presented him a new comfortable wheelchair. Friends visit Kirill almost every day and this support is invaluable – when you are in trouble it is so important to know that you are not alone and that there are people around who love you and care about you. It was Anya Zagorskaya who coordinated all these activities in person and Kirill’s former wife Irina who did the on-line coordination. We also would like to thank a poet Alexey Rafiev, Kirill’s friend, who supported him greatly during the most difficult hospital and rehabilitation period. Special thanks to Alexey Zakharov who provided Kirill with a laptop; to Margo Miller and Tash Granovskiy who did a lot not to allow Kirill to feel himself being thrown out of literature and life.

Really a lot has been done by this moment and Kirill’s condition became better and continues to improve – his speech became more articulate, a walking frame allowed him to move around a flat and refuse the use of pampers. The medication to fix the serotonin insufficiency is really effective and because of it Kirill is now mostly in a good mood. According to a neuropsychiatrist if Kirill continue to follow regime of treatment there is a chance for recovery – so we really hope that Kirill will be able to walk and take care of himself soon.

But there are a number of things still to be done before Kirill would be able to move from Moscow to nearby countryside where he will have better conditions for recovery. First of all we need to accomplish the application process for retirement and disability benefits. Kirill’s nurse, Elena, is working on it and our social workers are helping her. Also aftert this process is completed help will be required to organize Kirill’s move out of Moscow to a new place.

So resources to organize all these processes as quick as possible are still required that is why we will continue to do a fundraising through our website.


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