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How do Russian officials consider the Human Rights?


Quote from the interview G.M.Gatilov (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia) to the Russian news agency ‘RIA Novosti’, October 8, 2013 (on the closing of the UN Council on Human Rights session) 

G.M.Gatilov: In building our approaches to working in the human rights direction of the foreign policy, we believe that the actions of the international community in this area should benefit both a man and the mankind. Human rights cannot be used as an excuse for violations of international law, justification of interventions and sanctions, legitimization of certain practices harmful to an individual and destructive to the society.

Q: Please clarify.

G.M.Gatilov: For example, now the human rights rhetoric is widely used to justify the use of force in circumvention of international law and the UN Charter, the imposition of severe economic sanctions and restrictions. In other areas the same rhetoric is used to advocate for substitution therapy in the treatment of drug addiction, legalization of children’s adoption by same-sex partners, euthanasia and so on. All of this is unacceptable to us. And we will actively oppose it in all international fora.

You may find full text of the interview in Russian here:

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